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Vandalia Kennel Female Dutch Shepherds

Nala: UKC Champion,SPOT title, Service Dog

Above is Vandalia Cricket Van Leeuwen, Holland Import, UKC Reg. sired by the famous Tommy Luijken, PH1 and by Mika (Wibo daughter- line bred on Rocky Van Leeuwen) Our thanks to Carmen Van de Camp from Like a Hurricane Kennel for these excellent half sisters imported from Holland- Cricket is a large powerful, very driven dutch with solid nerves

Below is Vandalia Sago, a Timo Sch3 daughter combining the best of the Rudie Pegge & Tomm Luikjen lines

Below is Vandalia Soco ( a Paco, SchH3/ Dual Purpose K9 X Izzy daughter)

Vandalia Soco below with her buddy...Brayden Bowers, Krista Plumer's son/ Kevin's grandson

Below is Vandalia Eva Van Leeuwen, Holland Import, UKC Reg. an Ebro (Belgium dual purpose K9)X Mika (Wibo daughter) daughter linebred on Rocky Van Leeuwen, that we imported from Holland with help from Tim Stacy, Eva is extreme in fight, prey and hunt drive and we are very excited to add her to our breeding program

Vandalia Laika, † KNPV PH1 Holland Import: see Laika below during her PH1 title:

thanks to Rob Hillebert and Fino Schmit for locating this amazing female from Holland

she will bring to our breeding program the qualities we strive for in the dutch shepherds,

genetic working ability, social, high ball drive and trainability, few females are titled in the

demanding sport of KNPV so we are thrilled to have Laika in our breeding program

(We are sad to report that Laika was killed in a tragic accident, she will be forever missed at Vandalia Kennel)

Vandalia Teeka, UKC Reg. SchBH, AD, CGC : (Arko Kikkert, PH1 X Meeka, SDA numerous titles) A very promising daughter of Arko Kikkert, PH1 X Meeka- from East TN K9-- Teeka has over the top fight drive combined with intense ball drive and she has proven to pass these traits on to her puppies content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

Teeka is a social not handler aggressive Arko daughter that is a very large female that weighs 82 lbs

Teeka has been Pen Hipped and showed excellent results in the top 25-30% of Dutch Shepherds

Teeka was bred by East TN K9 and we want to thank Pam Berry and Teekas dam, Meeka, for this super nice working dutchie.

Land of Oz Izzy,† UKC Reg. : we were so impressed with RIP that we bought his dam to start our breeding program.

Izzy is the daughter of Koba-who obtained his PSA1 at just 12 mths old and is an intense son of Winnie, KNPV1 met lof

female that has produced many KNPV titled offspring

Izzy is seen below with her 2007 Dutch litter sired by a police K9, these pups are now adults and showing

great ball drive and hunt drive & showing great potential as future detection prospects and search & rescue

Above is Halligan, an Izzy X Sosha son who is excelling in Search & Rescue

Below is Diva a unique dark sable Izzy X Timo pup- headed to Westover, WV as a drug dog

Land of Oz Sosha:† UKC Registered

(pictured below) Red Brindle 

Sosha is a full littermate to the now infamous and hard hitting Land of Oz Jett

Sosha is sired by Smokie, KNPV PH1 perfect score 440 and out of Amber, KNPV PH1 met lof

Smokie PH1 (Sosh's sire) http://www.bloedlijnen.nl.80/stamboom.php?ID=2122

Amber PH1 (Sosha's dam) http://www.bloedlijnen.nl.80/stamboom.php?ID=12095

see "Nikita" listed and she is a full littermate to Amber

Sosha has produced numerous single and dual purposes sons & daughters

Thanks againt to Rob Hillebert for helping us obtain these great Dutch Shepherds

go to www.landofozk9.com to see photos of Jett, Smokie, Amber, Izzy & Koba

Vandalia Aris, BH (Timo, SchH3, Rudie Pegge son X Teeka, Arko daughter)

Aris is a cross of the great KNPV lines of Rudie Pegge and Arko Kikkert, She is superbly handly oriented with super fight drive

in a social, high ball drive female.