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What is a Dutch Shepherd?

Ida Maartje van het Oude Landras

The Dutch Shepherds are a Holland breed. They're known as the Hollandse Herdershond in Europe, They were originally sheepdogs, and were also used by Dutch farmers as a general purpose farm dog. They are very similar to the Belgian Malinois, except for the color. They are not a brindled German Shepherd. A very good Dutch Shepherd breeder, Rob Hillebert from Land of Oz Kennel described the Dutch Sheperd as "having the high drive of a malinois but the sense of a german shepherd". (above photo of a short haired Dutch Shepherd)

The Working Dutch Shepherd is bred to do Police Type Work. Seen almost exclusively in Holland working for the Dutch Police and in the Sport of KNPV. In the last few years the popularity of this breed has grown and Dutch Shepherds are entering into the United States on a regular basis as police, military and sport dogs. The Working Dutch Shepherds were mostly seen working for US Military and then discovered by our Police Agencies. They have recently become popular in Protection Dog Sports such as schutzhund, french ring, mondio ring and PSA-protections sport association. The are great Personal Protection and Family Dogs.

We prefer the KNPV line Dutch Shepherds from Holland compared to the FCI lines out of Germany because the KNPV lines are bred for pure working ability, size, prey and hunt drives.

The Dutch Shepherd is a rare breed and not recognized by AKC nor have American breeders encouraged AKC registration because there is concern that AKC is not a guardian of maintaining the working ability of a breed and that if AKC recognized this amazing working breed that breeders will breed for pure looks and profit without emphasis on maintaining the working ability of the Dutch Shepherd. Dutch Shepherd breeders also do not want to limit their ability to breed to working Dutch Shepherds such as Police K9s because few police K9s are registered but exemplify the ideal characteristics of the working breed by passing the rigorous tests needed to be certified as a police K9.

GENERAL APPEARANCE - A well-proportioned, well muscled dog of powerful, well balanced build, with an intelligent expression and lively temperament. The Dutch Shepherd is known to be longer than tall, but not angulated.

VARIETIES - There are 3 Varieties, distinguished by coat type. Short, long & rough coat.

Above is a Rough Haired Dutch Shepherd

 Above photo is a long haired Dutch Shepherd

COLOR: Brindle preferred but others accepted. All three varieties come in various shades of brindle, including black, grey, yellow, silver and red.

SIZE - Males & Females (the standard size preferred to compete in KNPV)

HEIGHT FROM THE WITHERS at least 21 5/8" tall and not taller than 27 9/16"

Weight is between 60lbs to 80 lbs

CHARACTER - The Dutch Shepherd is intelligent, affectionate, obedient, tractable, alert, faithful and reliable. They have great stamina, are vigilant, active and gifted with the true Shepherd Dog Temperament.

The Dutch Shepherd is affectionate and loyal towards the whole family, however it will reserve its highest loyalty for one member. They are excellent family protectors and very trainable as a Police Service Dog.

The Dutch Shepherd can have a will of its own, but is very trainable when the owner is the "leader of the pack".

They are a dog that loves to work and needs to work. If left alone to much a Dutch Shepherd will create it's own kind of work, which may be hazardous to your belongings. They have energy and they need to use it. If you don't like a dog that likes to be with you than the Dutch Shepherd Dog is not for you.

TEMPERAMENT The Dutch Shepherd is an active, alert and courageous dog. He is intelligent and is a very quick learner. He is generally good friends in a family with children and gets along well with other pets, but tends to have a special person. Years ago the Dutch Shepherd was said to be "sharp", meaning he may bite quickly. The average Dutch Shepherd is now more tolerant but did not lose his courage. The Dutch Shepherd has proven to be a great utility dog and are often trained as police dogs. At present they are becoming more popular in the KNPV in Holland. In the United States they have found to be excellent Police dogs and are showing up in Schutzhund and French Ring Sport.

Dutch Shepherds are excellent all round utility dogs, competent at agility, obedience competitions, guard work, herding, field trailing and companionship. They love attention and love to learn. A big yard and plenty of exercise and entertainment required. They make excellent family dogs for an active family.

HEALTH As a breed selected for working ability and health, they have few health problems, they have been selected for strength, fitness, health and skill rather than appearance conformity. They have low rates of hip and elbow displaysia compared to German Shepherds and this is why they have become more popular for military and police work. Expect your Dutch Shepherd to live to 13-15 years.