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FOR SALE (10% discount to law enforcement, military and others who risk their lives in service of the public good) call / text: Betsy Plumer at 304-433-4444 to discuss [email protected]

Available 10/17/20 dob male pup. Very high drive. Excellent K9, sport or home protection prospect. Nala x Xantos litter.:

Available December 2020 See below: 7 yr. old female Dutch Shepherd, Augee, Holland Import. Excellent for home protection. Knows basic obedience and is crate trained. Augee would do best in an only dog home. She does not do well with small animals or small dogs. She can get along with a stable adult male dog of similar size. Adoption fee is the cost of her being spayed prior to going to her new home. Text or call Betsy at 304 433 4444

The Xantos x Nala pups have arrived. October 2020, see Dutch Pups page for more information on this fabulous combination.

SOLD: (3/17/17) Franky 9 mth old UKC Reg. Female Dutch Shepherd sired by Vandalia Timo, Holland Import, Schutzhund 3 sired and grandfather on dam's side was Vandalia Paco, Sweden Import, Schutzhund3, Dual Purpose K9. Franky is a gorgeous brown brindle dutch that is super social with excellent ball drive. She would make a great active family dog and she would excel in sports such as schutzhund, fly ball, dock diving or competition obedience. She was my pick pup from a litter of 11 but since I have her father and 3/4 brother, I am offering someone the opportunity to own this fabulous female. Text or Call Betsy at 304-433-4444

SOLD: 9 yr old retired brood bitch. Teeka has basic obedience training is crate trained and has basic protection training also. She would do best as an only dog and would make an excellent home protection companion. Adoption fee is the cost of having her spayed. Text or call Betsy at 304-433-4444

Pups below have been sold:

SOLD: 15 MTH OLD MALE DUTCH SHEPHERD, Vandalia Dexter (Vandalia Havoc, PH1 x Vandalia Soco), red brindle, excellent dual purpose K9, sport dog prospect or active family dog, very social, very stable, UKC Reg.

SOLD: 2 YR OLD FEMALE DUTCH SHEPHERD, Vandalia Sago, (Vandalia Timo, SchH3 x Cricket(Tommy Luijken daughter), black brindle, excellent home protection or sport prospect, super nice ball and hunt drive. Very social and handler oriented. Not suitable in a multi dog household. UKC Reg. pic below  

SOLD: Whelped 7/2/15 female pup from the Timo, SchH3 x Teeka, BH, AD, CGC

SOLD retired Dutch Shepherd brood bitch, spayed, knows basic obedience, crate and house trained, super sweet temperament see below pic: 4 yrs. old Cricket

Female pups from Timo x Teeka litter whelped 7/2/15 see DUTCH PUP PAGE.

SOLD : Radar, 10 mths old Timo X Cricket male UKC Reg. large black brindle, excellent home protection

SOLD: Lycan , 8 mth old Timo, SChH3 (Rudie Pegge son) x Cricket(Tommy Luijken daughter) outstanding dual purpose

prospect , social, stable, high drive, large, excellent home protection prospect also

SOLD: Merlin 7 mth old Holland import, Mr. Bunker x Mika son from LIke a Hurricane, very large, social, good ball drive, male

excellent home protection, sport or work prospect

SOLD: 5 yr old Arko daughter, Teeka,80 lbs, basic obedience & protection trained, high ball drive, social, excellent brood bitch

ADOPTED OUT :2yr old Red Brindle UKC Champion, Excellent obedence, spayed female, Xera, excellent family home companioSOLD Remus, an 18 mth old Male Dutch Malinos (Timo, SchH3 X Teeka, ARko Daughter)excellent family home protection dog, very social, basic obediene

SOLD : Tia, 10 mth old Female Dutch Shepherd UKC Reg. sire is Timo, SchH3 X Teeka (ARko daughter) Tia is crate trained, housebroken and would make an excellent home protection dog, she is super with kids and very easy to get along with in the house:

SOLD: Extremely high drive female Dutch Shepherd UKC Reg. born June 25, 2010

(Sosha X RIP,SchII), excellent single or dual purpose prospect or sport dog, UNO (pic from late fall 2010), to a working home only:

SOLD: Diva, 4 mth old (Timo, SchH3 X Izzy pup) high drive female, crate trained, excellent S&R, home protection, or single purpose prospect

SOLD : Titus, below 3 1/2 mth old Male Dutch Shepherd UKC Reg. (Timo X Teeka pup)

SOLD Rufus, rare rough haired dutch shepherd , pictured above at at 7 months old

excellent home protection, club sport dog or family companion

SOLD: Male fawn Dutch Shepherd aka malinois 4 mths old from our Izzy x Paco litter:

SOLDWe have an 8 mth old RIP, SchH II X Teeka (Arko, Ph1 daughter) daughter for sale, ZARA with excellent drives and nice basic obedience, UKC Reg. dark brindle, see pics below, she would make a nice home protection dog, sport dog or single purpose prospect:

ZARA pics above and below:

SOLD for schutzhund: Yogi is a male malinois from our March 2009 RIP X Sosha litter, he has extreme ball and hunt drive, is very social with high fight drive in line with his 2008 littermates that are now dual purpose K9s Rocky & Evo trained by Mike Garrow & Mike Mayes at Battleridge K9. Our thanks to Chuck Parks who raised Evo and trained him from a puppy until he was ready for the streets.

SOLD home protection: below is Cinder, UKC Reg. March 2009 RIP X Sosha female Dutch Shepherd, excellent ball and hunt drive, a rare silver black brindle, she is a line bred Risen Star Smokie, PH1 Amber, PH1 from the Land of Oz Jett line

Whiskey is SOLD below is 6mths old, he has super full calm grips with intense fight drive

in a social stable male

Whiskey & Tango below (both SOLD) date of whelped 10/18/09, these male Dutch Shepherd pups are sired by Leo (dual purpose K9 x Izzy)

they have excellent ball drive combined with intense fight drive, super dual purpose prospects

Rocky: has been SOLD as a dual purpose prospect, he is an April 2008 Fawn Sable male pup from the RIP X Sosha April 2008 litter, Rocky has crazy ball drive and super nice full calm grips, he is a large pup with heavy bone who is an excellent work or sport prospect: see photos below at 5 mths old: Rocky is now a dual purpose K9 working in PA Thanks to Mike Mayes and Mike Garrow who brought Rocky to his potential

*10% discount to law enforcement, military, firemen and others who risk their lives in service of the public good

Egor has been SOLD as a schutzhund prospect.

Above and below photos are of Egor, a 6 mth old male Dutch Shepherd that we have for sale, he is an excellent dual purpose, schutzhund or sport candidate and a full brother by a repeat breeding to Leo pictured below a certified dual purpose K9. See a video of Egor on You Tube go to

Raven has been SOLD and is now working as a dual purpose K9 in Florida ( Raven is an Izzy x Bruno daughter)

Pictured above is Raven a 6 month old Dutch Shepherd female

very good ball and hunt drive from our 2007 Dutch Shepherd litter

sired by a dual purpose police K9 and out of Land of Oz Izzy

she is a black brindle and an excellent work or sport prospect

Raven is a large female and should mature close to 70lbs

She will retrieve a kong, tennis ball, wooden or plastic dumbell or metal pipe

Xena has been SOLD and completed her training with Ultimate Working Dogs and is now a prison drug detection dog.

pictured above at 6 mths old is a litter mate to Raven,

sired by a dual purpose police K9 and out of Izzy, Xena is very social, has phenomenal environmental stability, has great ball drive and is an excellent sport or single purpose work prospect

Pictured below is Onyx, a 15 mth old Male Dutch Shepherd

Onyx has been SOLD as a K9 prospect in the Oklahoma area

Onyx is sired by a french ring male and out of a

narcotics bitch, He would make an

excellent personal protection, schutzhund or patrol dog.

Leo is pictured belown in a video at 5 months old a

Dutch Shepherd Male from the Land of Oz

Axel has great prey and hunt drives

He would do well in PSA, French Ring,

Schutzhund or police work

Leo has been sold to as a dual purpose prospect

Leo is now a dual purpose K9 trained by Mike Garrow as seen below: We liked Leo so well he is the sire of our 2008 Halloween litter.

Pictured below at 10 weeks old isVandalia Tigger of Cher Car Kennel

Tigger has been SOLD & is a female dutch shepherd who is progressing well

as a personal protection dog that is in training for the

UKC SDA (Services Dogs of America) protection sport program